Why You Need this Guide

To encourage literacy, BookPal has put together a 2015 Summer Reading Guide for teachers. In this free guide you'll get:

• 180 book recommendations
• Titles listed by grade level
• Key details for each book, including targeted age group, genres, themes and length 
• PLUS - Direct links to each book!

Why Reading is Fundamental During Summer Break

Reading during summer vacation provides your students with many benefits. These include:

•  Reinforcing reading skills learned throughout the school year
• Further developing their literacy skills and continuing to learn outside the classroom
• Laying a strong foundation for the upcoming year

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Download the guide to find book recommendations tailored specifically for your students, their literacy level and their interests. Our 2015 Summer Reading Guide includes: 
  • 20 suggested titles per grade
  • recommendations from a variety of genres
  • titles for specific age groups

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