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BookPal Author Chat Webinar:

Why Storytelling is the 
Key to Success in Business

Guest: Carmine Gallo
Duration: 30 minutes

About the Author:

Carmine Gallo is a bestselling author, president of Gallo Communications Group, and a communications cocah and speaker. As a former reporter and anchor for CNN and CBS, he had the opportunity to sit down with many of the most dynamic and respected business leaders of our time and gained insight into what makes a great leader. Utilizing these insights, he and his company prepares business leaders for make it or break it moments: rallying investors, counseling employees, inspiring greatness, and managing crisis.

About the Webinar:

In this exclusive webinar, Carmine Gallo will explain the art and science of storytelling to sell any idea, pitch any product, and inspire any team. Stories inform, illuminate, and inspire. Learn more about this invaluable skill with Gallo, a communication coach and bestselling author. Gallo's book, Talk Like TED, is an international bestseller. His new book, The Storyteller's Secret, will be published in February.

"The art of storytelling can drive change." — Richard Branson

What Attendees are Saying:

You Will Learn:

• How Steve Jobs used tension & triumph to create awe-inspiring presentations
• How Facebook's COO started a viral movement by sharing a personal story

• How a company won an $875 million contract after simplifying its PowerPoint
• How you can use storytelling to stand out from the competition

Well done. Informative and enjoyable. Looking forward to next webinar."


This was an awesome webinar. So informative, not boring at all, and I won a book at the end which is a big bonus!"


Excellent choice — Carmine Gallo — I'm a big fan. Storytelling is spoken about but few have the skills that Carmine does to frame the subject so quickly and make it interesting as well. Thanks for the opportunity."